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SABRE SL7 Magazine + 7 Live Projectiles

  • Using the potent formula against an assailant can cause severe burning sensation to the facial area, involuntary eye closure, coughing, and excessive sneezing, thus permitting you time to escape from your assailant
  • Offers protection against multiple threats



SABRE SL7 Magazine + 7 Live Projectiles

SABRE SL7 Magazine, these kits from SABRE provide you with accessories to learn how to properly use your home defense kit most effectively should the need arise.​The Launcher SL7  deploys a series of maximum strength red pepper powder projectiles from a safe distance of 66-feet (20-meters) designed to deter home intruders and provide you with the confidence your loved ones are safe and protected. Moreover, An easy-to-use pepper spray gun, it provides effective protection from a distance. Furthermore, the SL7 SABRE Pepper Spray Launcher has no recoil and does not require perfect aim as the projectiles will burst on impact up to 175-feet (53-meters).


Features :

  • Safety At A Distance: On the other hand, Accurate up to 66-feet (20-meters) and will break on impact up to 175-feet (53-meters), each magazine contains seven red pepper powder projectiles designed to cause intense pain on impact and deter intruder​
  • Provides Physical And Audible Deterrents For Home Protection: On the other hand, formula found within the projectiles can cause a severe burning sensation to the facial area, involuntary eye closure and coughing. At this point, Loud deployment sound can startle and discourage intruder​
  • Double Your Stopping Power: However, his spare magazine can be preloaded with SABRE maximum strength red pepper powder projectiles to help ensure you have a back-up loaded magazine. Moreover, quick release and reload helps to make your Home Defense Launcher ready at a moment’s notice​
  • Reload With Confidence: However, the Pepper Spray Launcher is easy to use with an intuitive, compact and lightweight design. On the other hand, each kit comes with instructions on how to safely load and unload projectiles and C02 cartridges​


Contents :

  • Spare Magazine
  • 7 Red Pepper Powder Projectiles




Additional information

Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 9.1 × 4.8 × 1.2 in


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