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Streetwise Security Serpent Stun Gun 83,000,000

  • Powerful Stun Gun
  • 4 Bright LED Lights
  • Battery Status Indicator Lights
  • Window Breaker / Self Defense Spike
  • Heavy-duty belt clip



Streetwise Security Serpent Stun Gun 83,000,000

The Streetwise™ Serpent stun gun is the perfect item to carry around with you daily for protection at all times. On the other hand, It has an exclusive design with a “snakeskin” textured body that makes it easy to handle and unleash the 83,000,000 volts of electricity to immobilize assailants in an instant.

Features :

  • Furthermore, Powerful 83 million volt stun gun with “snakeskin” textured body for a superior grip
  • Moreover, Intimidating arc spark and crackling sound when fired can easily scare off attackers
  • In this situation, 4 ultra bright LED lights illuminate dark areas or can temporarily blind assailants
  • However, disable pin wrist strap turns off the device if removed to stop it from being used on you
  • At this point, spiked tail-end glass breaker can harm attackers or help you escape if trapped in a car
  • Furthermore, separate stun activation button and on/off safety switch prevents accidental activation
  • Moreover, powered by built-in USB cable rechargeable battery with power indicator lights
  • Attached pocket clip and wrist strap makes it easy to carry in a pocket, purse, bag, etc.
  • Touching an assailant for less than 1 second will cause muscle contractions and have a repelling effect
  • Touching an assailant for 1 to 2 seconds will cause muscle spasms and a dazed mental state


Contents :

  • Serpent Stun Gun with metal clip
  • Instructions
  • USB charging cord


Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 8.6 × 3.9 × 2.9 in
Color Options



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