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Alphahom Care Go Smart Personal Alarm w/GPS Bluetooth Tracking

  • SOS Mode: Care Go pushes alerts through smartphones to unlimited emergency contacts at the same time via Care Go App in both Android and iOS.
  • Real-Time GPS: The SOS signal includes the real-time GPS location so you can get help right away.
  • Follow Me Mode: The CareGo can be used to track a person as they travel so you can make sure they arrive safely.
  • Finder Mode: Can be used to find lost valuables such as keys, phones, etc.
  • Stay Here Mode: Instantly notifies you if your child (or luggage) gets too far away from you.
  • Bluetooth 5 technology: The latest in Bluetooth technology ensures a stable connection up to 100 feet.



Alphahom Care Go Smart Personal Alarm w/GPS Bluetooth Tracking

Care Go Personal Alarm is small and lightweight and its design lets you carry it with you with easy in your bag, pocket or even around your neck.

Care Go Personal Alarm functions both as a personal alarm with real-time GPS location. And this tracking device for your belongings and even your kids. Furthermore, It connects directly to your iPhone or Android phone via the newest Bluetooth 5 technology ensuring a fast and reliable connection at all times.


Easily Find Lost Stuff

  • Care Go features two-way Bluetooth tracking to help you find lost items. Attach Care Go to your keys, backpack or anything else you worried of loosing and find it again with a single tap in the app. 


iOS Critical Alerts Even On Silent Mode

  • Care Go pushes critical alerts through your phone so your emergency contacts can receive a loud alarm even if their phone is set to silent mode.  


Charge Once A Year

  • However, emergency situations require a full battery. That’s why we eliminated the use of one-use batteries and powered Care Go with a rechargeable battery instead. It’s a powerful 150 mAh battery that needs only  recharged once per year.


Light As a Feather, Powerful as Dynamite

  • Care Go is extremely light making it effortless to carry, you might even forget that you have it with you! It’s smaller and weighs less than a chapstick.


Faster connection with Bluetooth® 5

  • Care Go is powered by the latest Bluetooth 5 technology which ensures that your phone and Care Go are always reliability connected even if they are up to 30 meters or 100 feet apart.


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Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 1.4 × 2.6 × 4.6 in
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