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Streetwise Security Intermatic Magnetic Contact Alarm with Keypad

  • 110 dB Alarm
  • Programmable security code
  • 30-second exit delay
  • 10-second entry delay
  • Low battery indicator



Streetwise Security Intermatic Magnetic Contact Alarm with Keypad

Streetwise Security Magnetic Contact Alarm with Keypad is a compact, easy to install and magnetic contact alarm made by Intermatic (a recognization leader in the security industry) that can use on doors, windows, cabinets – anything that opens and closes.

  • Moreover, It is an ideal security device for home, store, office, etc. If the protected door or window is opened. Furthermore, it will sound a powerful 110dB alarm to scare off the intruder and alert you to the attempted entry.
  • However, A four digit programmable code is entering on the keypad to activate/deactivate the alarm. Once the alarm is set and movement is detected, it triggers a piercing alarm is activated simultaneously.
  • There is a 30 second exit delay. When contact is broken, the alarm will sound for approximately 60 seconds and reset for 15 seconds. Low cost but effective protection against unauthorized entry.


When leaving the protected area, press keypad number 4. There will be a delay of 30 seconds to enable you to leave the protected area before the alarm sounds. The Status LED will flash and the siren will chirp once per second for the 30-second delay period before the alarm is arming.


Features :

  • Programmable security code
  • Low battery indicator
  • Dimensions: 5 and 3/8 by 2 and 3/4 by 1 1/4 inches
  • No wiring required
  • Easy to install and program simultaneously
  • Mount on door
  • Ultra loud 110dB alarm sounds when movement is detecting
  • Protection against unauthorized entry
  • Cost effective
  • Programmable 4 digit code entering on keypad to activate/deactivate
  • Chirping low battery indicator
  • 30 second exit delay / 10 second entry delay
  • Magnetic trip wireless alarm provides safety, security and convenience
  • Alarm sounds when magnetic contact separates
  • 11 dB siren
  • Activated/deactivated with programmable keypad

Additional information

Weight 0.76 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 1.5 × 10 in


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