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Streetwise Security Knight Light Remote

  • Ear-piercing 130dB alarm
  • LED light for nighttime safety
  • Attaches to your keys for easy access
  • Easy to operate



Streetwise Security Knight Light Remote

The Knight Light is Streetwise Security Product’s first motion-activated alarm and light that is controlled by remote. As soon as night falls the Knight Light stands ready to protect your property. Using the remote control, the Knight Light can be set to LIGHT ONLY mode to automatically turn on a bright 80 lumen LED light when motion is detected from up to 16 feet away. This is great for safely lighting the way to your front door when you return home at night.


  • When you select “ALARM ONLY“, motion will activate a 120-dB alarm to scare off an intruder and draw attention. For added security, you also have the option of selecting both ALARM and LIGHT modes. As an added deterrent, the Knight Light resembles a high-tech security camera. As soon as a thief spots this “camera” guarding your property they will likely go in search of an easier target. Installs easily and uses batteries, so no wiring is required. In order to save battery life, a light sensor ensures that both the alarm and light will only work at night.


Features :

  • Choose light, alarm, or both
  • Remote control with a panic button
  • Resembles a hi-tech security camera  emphatically+
  • 16-foot detection range
  • 120º detection angle
  • 80 lumens LED
  • Weatherproof IP44 rating
  • 120dB alarm
  • Bright yellow CCTV security warning sticker
  • Light Sensor prevents the unit from working until it gets dark emphatically
  • Great for Simple Easy Install : Home, Business or Anywhere Needing Security. Easy to use Remote Control w/ Panic Button emphatically.


Requires :

  • Four AA batteries (not included)
  • Weatherproof IP44 Rating. Bright yellow CCTV security warning sticker. 


Contents :

  • Knight Light
  • Keychain remote
  • CR2032 for the remote
  • Mounting hardware
  • CCTV security sticker
  • Instructions


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Additional information

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 2.125 × 1.25 × 4.5 in


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