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Streetwise Security Nickel-plated Steel Handcuffs

  • Nickel plated solid steel handcuffs
  • Tamper-resistant double lock
  • Push pin locks cuffs in place to prevent over-tightening
  • Made of extra durable nickel plated solid steel for strong reinforcement
  • Includes spare key



Streetwise Security Nickel-plated Steel Handcuffs

Around the world, security guards and police officers are switching from cheap handcuffs to these more durable, Nickel-plated Steel Handcuffs.

The Streetwise nickel plated solid steel handcuffs are ideal for law enforcement and security professionals. Made of strong nickel plated solid steel, its solid reinforcement and double locking mechanism prevents tampering with pushpins in the locks so you never have to worry about over tightening and accidental injury. The cuffs also come with a set of keys to help stop you from losing a key and not being able to unlock the restraints.

The Streetwise Nickel Plated Solid Steel Handcuffs built to keep you safe when you need them most. Popular among security guards and police, the nickel plated solid steel provides extra durability and reinforcement. These durable steel handcuffs feature a double locking mechanism to guard against tampering. Furthermore, the pushpin locks the cuffs in place and prevents over tightening.  Two keys are included so you never have worry about misplacing your key.

Features :

  •  Double Locking : These silver handcuffs use double locking to help prevent tampering just like handcuffs law enforcement might use.
  • Push Pin : This model has a pushpin to lock the hand cuffs in place and prevent over-tightening.
  • Nickel-Plated : These police handcuffs are made of solid steel because all cuffs and restraints need maximum durability and reinforcement.
  •  Spare Key : Never worry about misplacing the most important part because these handcuffs for adults come with have a spare hand cuff key.
  •  Security Officer Accessories : However, these real handcuffs are the perfect addition to any security guard equipment.


Contents :

  • 1 Set of Nickel-Plated Solid Steel Handcuffs
  • Pair of Keys
  • Instructions


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Additional information

Weight 0.66 lbs
Dimensions 3.4 × 1 × 4.5 in


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