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TASER® Digital Power Magazine (DPM)

  • The Extended Digital Power Magazine (EDPM) is compatible with the TASER X26 and X26C
  • The EDPM allows the user to clip an extra cartridge into the bottom of the unit, providing quick and easy access ton reload your TASER X26 and X26C



TASER® Digital Power Magazine (DPM)

The TASER X26 Digital Power Magazine (DPM) is an integrated power source containing lithium battery cells, as well as a solid-state memory module for tracking power consumption and remaining power.

At this point, the DPM also allows for software updates to be distributed via battery replacement. Much more than just battery for the X26, the DPM is an onboard memory chip that maintains a record of the remaining power level in the DPM. On the other hand, this memory also contains specific information of energy cell performance and life expectancy for the energy cell pack at various temperatures, and for various loads.

In this situation, the X26 keeps track of how much the various features of the weapon are affecting the energy cell life and updates the memory in the DPM accordingly. Furthermore, the battery percentage indicated is a calculated value and not a direct reading of the battery voltage

Furthermore, the Digital Power Magazine is a lithium energy cell power supply system with an onboard memory chip . At this point, It maintains a record of vital operational status information, such as remaining power level, energy cell performance, and life expectancy for the energy cell pack under varying temperatures and loads simultaneously.

On the other hand, this information is graphically displayed on the X26 Central Information Display giving you the information required to know if the device is powered and ready if critical situations arise. Provides approximately 100 10-second firings.


Features :

  • Extended systems stores an extra cartridge
  • 100 10-second firings
  • Replacement Digital Power Magazine (DPM) for TASER X26C
  • TASER Patented Knock-Down Capability
  • Always Have a Spare Battery Pack on Hand


Device Compatibility :

  • X26
  • X26C


Contents :

  • Taser Digital Power Magazine (DPM)


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Additional information

Weight 0.105 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 × 2.45 × 1.05 in


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