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Tatical Jungle King® Survival Knife w/Holster

  • 8.25-inch overall length
  • 1045 Surgical steel blade
  • Compass, matches, wire, and more survival essentials are included
  • Free nylon sheath included


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Tatical Jungle King® Survival Knife w/Holster

The Jungle King® Survival Knife has a stainless steel blade, enriched with chrome, vanadium and molybdenum with a hardness of 56-57 HRc, with a mixed cutting edge, which displays a smooth part and a spine with a serrated saw which can come in extremely useful in specific situations. On the other hand, the survival kit of the Jungle King knife includes these elements stored in both the hilt and in the cover of the knife

Features :

  • Compass: Moreover, Stored in the screwed top of the hilt of the knife. Furthermore, a compass is an essential piece which must form part of the equipment of any adventurer and excursionist
  • Fishing kit: Furthermore, Includes, hooks, fishing line, weights and thread. When we are in situations of danger food is an urgent necessity.
  • Sewing kit: However, needles, safety pins and thread. In the course of the adventure we can experience tears in our clothing which repaired using this sewing kit
  • First aid box: Dressings, scalpel and tweezers which could come in very useful if any injuries are sustained during the journey.
  • Skinner multi-purpose knife: However, this is an auxiliary knife which can be used as a tin opener, screwdriver and key for screws and nuts.


Additional information

Weight 0.51 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 2.25 × 1.5 in


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