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Streetwise Security Wall Outlet Charging Cord #4

  • Streetwise Replacement Stun Gun Recharging Cord
  • Extra recharge cord for MOST Streetwise and Jolt stun guns
  • Plugs into any standard outlets
  • Length: 8.5 inches



Streetwise Security Wall Outlet Charging Cord #4

Extra Charging Cord

These recharging cords fit the Streetwise line of stun devices.

ERC-4 Extra Recharge Cord for All Streetwise and Jolt Stun gun models except SWPFTB10R, SWSAM6RB, SWSAM6RP, SWEB1000R, SWEB3000R, SWEB7800R.

All of these items do come with a recharging cord in their package, but you can purchase an extra one in case you have misplaced it or would just like to have another one handy – keep one at home, keep one at the office.

Stun Baton Recharging Cord

The stun baton recharging cord gives you flexibility in keeping a cord where you are most likely to need to recharge.  Having one at home and another at a place of business or work office ensures you’ll be able to charge your stun device whenever you need to. If you notice the light on your device is not as bright as it once was, it’s time to recharge.

Stun Gun Recharging Cord

Say you noticed on your way to or from work that your stunner needs a boost; having that stun gun recharging cord wherever you end up will allow you to top off your charge, so your device is fully ready to protect you.  Keeping it fully charged ensures the maximum effect when you need to use it on someone.

Plus your flashlight feature will be as bright as it can be when you have it fully charged. Using the bright light to disorient someone works best when the light is at maximum luminosity.

Streetwise Brand Cord

This cord is for Streetwise brand products and Jolt products.  If you need a cord for another brand we carry, please check out the Stun Master Recharge Cord.

Additional information

Weight 0.0625 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 0.75 in


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